Celebrate a birth or share the loss of a loved one with your family and friends

This website enables you to create an everlasting diary to celebrate a new born or a memorial to a loved one for family and friends to share the loss

Relatives and friends around the world can add congratulations and tributes (free of charge) at any time for all to read

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bornandgone.com is a dual site for sharing [with people you chose] either the news of a birth or the passing on of someone.
Should you feel at all uncomfortable with the joy of a birth being associated with the word gone then rest assured that the moment you select the
"celebrate a birth" option, you will be taken into a separate website dedicated solely to the living and the words "born and gone" will disappear.
Each site operates entirely separately; there is no cross-referencing between them and you have to click "Home" to go back into bornandgone.com.